Shared Ownership Myth-Busting - Is it hard to resell a Shared Ownership home?

Shared Ownership Myth-Busting - Is it hard to resell a Shared Ownership home?

It's time again to look at another myth about Shared Ownership and dust away the untruths around it.

Have you found the perfect home but are put off because it's Shared Ownership and you've heard it could be hard to sell? Well, don't worry as we're pleased to say that this simply isn't the case with these homes!

It seems like a bit of a no-brainer when you think about it but there are lots of people just like you who want to have a place they can call their own. This means if you come to a point in your life where you want to sell your home there will be plenty of people eager to buy it and start their own journey as homeowners.

Most Housing Associations that offer Shared Ownership homes should have what's called a Resales service. This is a way they can help you sell your home when you decide to move. They can advertise your property on their website as well as on, which gets over half a million views every month!

Imagine all those people waiting to buy their perfect home and then they see yours! Your home could make someone else's dreams come true.

In fact a resale property can often be more desirable to buyers as the home and the area it's in can be more established which some buyers prefer.

So don't fret about selling a property before you've even purchased, instead think of all the great things you could be planning about moving into your own home! How will you decorate? Will it have a garden so you can host BBQ's for friends? How will you spend your first Christmas in your new home? There are too many exciting things to consider when buying a home to let a myth put you off!

Visit and start your property search today!

We hope this has helped explain away another common Shared Ownership myth. We'll be back busting another one soon but if you have any other questions about this or any other Help to Buy scheme please e-mail us at or call 0800 456 11 88.

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