Get green-fingered with our how-to for beginners veg growing!

Get green-fingered with our how-to for beginners veg growing!

The hot sunny days of summer BBQs might feel like an eternity away but we've thought of a way to bring the summer to us early.

If you've ever wanted to try home-grown veggies but not ventured in to it yet let us help in our latest blog! Don't worry if you're not very green fingered, we've chosen six easy-to-grow veg to get you started.

All of these vegetables can be grown indoors, starting from sowing them in February, ready to enjoy in the summer. From growing positions and maintenance to planting out and harvesting we've got it covered.

The six veg we've picked are cucumber, watercress, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions and sweet peppers. You can sow all of these seedlings in February and they'll start to grow veg for you to enjoy in time for your summer BBQs.

So here's how to grow your veg
1. Start off by getting yourself a propagator, which is shallow box with a transparent cover used for germinating seeds, these can be picked up from garden centres for around £10, or you can simply use empty egg cartons.

2. Fill the sections of the propagator or egg carton with a little compost and put some seeds in each section. Remember to label any sections with different seeds in so you don't forget where you planted what veg.

3. Water the seedlings and place on a windowsill that will get sunlight then leave to start growing. You'll need to keep them watered and some varieties will need a little plant food on a weekly basis.

4. When the seedlings start to sprout shoots and grow a little bigger you'll need to re-pot them in to larger pots so they can establish their roots, this will be around April for all of the veggies we're suggesting. You can continue to grow your veg indoors on a sunlit windowsill, or if you prefer you could grow them outside from spring time onwards. If you choose to move them outside remember they might get eaten by bugs unless you have a green house or grow tent to put them in.

5. As your veggies continue to grow you can start harvesting them which will encourage more growth. All of our suggested veggies should be ready to harvest from June onwards with cucumbers potentially ready as early as April.

So now it's time to go and get started; pick some of your favourite veg, or try something new, then buy your seeds and grow them indoors for a few weeks. Move them into larger containers as they start to flower and continue to grow until you can finally enjoy them!

There's nothing quite like the taste of home-grown food so invite your friends round for an early summer get-together so everyone can enjoy the taste of your efforts.

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