Am I eligible? 

Help to Buy: Shared Ownership & Rental Schemes

If you are trying to get onto the housing ladder but can't afford to buy or rent a suitable property on the open market, we may be able to help.  Please note that you must complete a full application and be assessed as eligible by Help to Buy South before you can proceed with the purchase or rental of a property through one of our schemes.   Applicants must meet some basic eligibility criteria as follows: 

  • Your household earns £80,000 a year or less
  • We recommend you have a household income of greater than £18,000 per annum (if you earn less than this but have substantial savings/equity then there may be other schemes to help)
  • If purchasing, have savings of at least £2,500 to cover legal and other costs, and have a good credit history

We also recommend that you read the following guidelines:

  • If purchasing, a financial assessment will be carried out to ensure the property is sustainable and that you cannot otherwise purchase a property suitable to meet your housing needs on the open market
  • If renting, you will usually need one month's rent and a deposit at the tenancy start date and you should save the discount on your rent towards a deposit to purchase a property later
  • Most schemes require sufficient savings for a deposit of 10% towards a mortgage, for example a 10% deposit on a 40% share of a property valued at £160,000 equates to £6,400
  • You must sell your existing property if you own one
  • Applicants in mortgage or rent arrears at the time of their application or who have been in arrears within the past year are not eligible for the scheme
  • You must be able to obtain a mortgage with a 'high street' or other reputable lender
  • When purchasing/renting a flat (as on the open market) pets are not allowed to be kept on the premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord and is still at the Landlord's discretion
  • You are a British or EU/EEA citizen, or you have indefinite leave to remain. If you do not have indefinite leave to remain you can apply for renting/purchasing but you may not be able to get a mortgage in which case you will not be able to proceed with your purchase
  • You must be employed, self employed or be able to demonstrate you can afford to maintain the costs of home ownership. Student loans, bursaries and other similar forms of funding are not acceptable methods of income.

Please note, some properties may require that you have a local area connection (s106 agreements).


Priority Groups

Priority will be given to:

  • Military personnel (or former members of the British Armed Forces that have been honourably discharged in the last two years, or bereaved partners of service personnel killed in action who apply within two years of bereavement) then:
  • First come, first serve (subject to a financial assessment)

It is important to note that applicants are not prioritised whilst on the Help to Buy South database. Once you have put your name forward for a specific property the housing association/developer will prioritise eligible applicants as above.

You must be able to afford the costs of purchase and demonstrate you are able to sustain the housing and living costs.

Ministry of Defence Personnel

Ministry of Defence personnel will be prioritised for shared ownership schemes where:

They have completed their basic (phase 1) training and they are one of the following:

  • Regular service personnel (including Navy, Army and Air Force)
  • Clinical staff (with the exception of doctors and dentists)
  • Ministry of Defence Police Officers
  • Uniformed staff in the Defence Fire Service

They are ex-regular service personnel who have served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of six years, and can produce a Discharge Certificate (or similar documentation) as proof, where they apply within two years (twenty four months) of the date of discharge from service


They are the surviving partners of Regular service personnel who have died in service, where they apply within two years (twenty four months) of the date of being bereaved. For details of how surviving partners are defined, please see the link.

For more information about Ministry of Defence Personnel and priority groups, contact Help to Buy South on 0800 456 11 88 or email


Help to Buy: Equity Loan

For the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme you do not need to complete a full Help to Buy South application.  Please click here for further details on how to apply.