Looking to move? Find out how you can make it easier for your pets!

Looking to move? Find out how you can make it easier for your pets!

You've got your new home sorted and the removal van's booked but have you remembered that its not just you moving out, your pets are coming too!

For your furry, scaly or feathered friends moving can be an even bigger change for them than it is for you. Here are some pointers below to make things easier for them

- If your pet is microchipped remember to update this to your new address and telephone number. It's now a legal requirement to make sure animals with microchip have correct contact details for their owners. Don't forget to update your insurance details and register with a new vet too if you're moving to a new area.

- Cats and dogs in particular can get disturbed by lots of new people and items being moved about so see if you can leave them with family or friends while this is going on. Try and find a quiet place for them to rest while the rest of the home is being cleared and move them last.

- Scent is important to animals especially when it comes to cats and dogs. As your new home won't have one they'll recognise just yet there are a couple of things you can do. If they have a favourite blanket or bedding you can use this to spread their scent around. You can also dab a small cloth on the ends of their noses to pick up their personal scent and use that instead. This way they won't feel so lost in their new home!

- After you're moved in and settled give them the grand tour! If they've got particular rooms where you want them to spend most of the time then linger there for a bit longer. Any eager cats itching to go outside and explore should be fed first just so they know where to get back to when they're hungry.

If you follow through these simple steps your pets will be just as happy and excited as you are about moving into their new home!

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