Help to Buy South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

"It was so exciting when we got the keys

Sometimes you unexpectedly need to find a place to live. This was the situation Denise and her daughter, Serena, found themselves in when their landlord needed to sell the property that they had been renting for 19 years.

When Denise's daughter heard about the Shared Ownership scheme she suggested that they look into it. Both were amazed by just how fast the whole process was once they found a property they liked at King's Gate, Wiltshire offered by Radian Homes.

"The process was very easy," says Denise, "we were really impressed with the service and help offered by Radian Homes, we got the keys very quickly, it took less time than I expected to get offered a house and then be able to view it!"

Shared Ownership allows purchasers to buy a share in a home, and then pay a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. With mortgages and deposits based on the purchased share value, buying a home couldn't be more affordable.

Both are now happy with their new two bed home in beautiful Amesbury and pleased with the features. "The amount of storage available is great and everyone says how beautiful the house is. We love knowing that it's our home and that we can decorate as we like."

The two bedroom house had a full market value of £190,000, but with Shared Ownership they could buy their 40% share for just £76,000. This meant they only needed a mortgage deposit of £3,800 although they were able to put more in to reduce their monthly mortgage repayments to under £600.

"It was so exciting when we got the keys," Denise says, remembering the first night in their new home, "We spent it sleeping on my daughter's mattress on her bedroom floor, with the cat, as we hadn't got the beds assembled!"

Would they recommend Shared Ownership and Radian Homes to others looking to a buy a place of their own? "We would and have. Thanks to the scheme we are now very happy with our lovely new house and we would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy their own home!"