Help to Buy South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

"HomesinHants helped me so much when I couldn't see a solution for a long term home"

Angela Hughes, single mother of two, from Waterlooville, was recommended HomesinHants and the Shared Ownership scheme, when going through mediation for her divorce.

"I was privately renting as I had moved out of my marital home." said Angela. "When my divorce was finalised, I wanted to have my own home for myself, and for my children, but couldn't afford to buy somewhere suitable on a single income."

Angela contacted HomesinHants, the Help to Buy agent for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, for information on Shared Ownership and how the scheme works. Shared Ownership enables purchasers to buy a share in a home, paying a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. With mortgage deposits based on the value of the share, buying your first home couldn't be more affordable.

From this, Angela was positive that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for her and her children. She began searching for properties in Denmead and viewed Little Frenchies Field, where Radian was offering Shared Ownership at the development.

"I viewed the house, fell in love with it straightaway, and expressed my interest." said Angela. "Everything went so smoothly, though I couldn't believe it would be mine until I had exchanged. And within just 12 weeks of viewing the property, I was the owner of a brand new home!" she added.

Angela, her two sons, Jake and Zach, and their dog George moved into their 2 bedroom property at the end of May. Perfectly suited for the family due to its proximity to Angela's work, Southdown's College, and Zach's school, the family couldn't be happier.

"All of the rooms are very large, even the downstairs toilet is a brilliant size" explained Angela. "I love the cottage style of the house, and the modern air filtration system."

With proceedings from the sale of her previous property, Angela purchased a 35% share of the £215,000 house, and pays just £304 per month in monthly rent, considerably cheaper than privately renting as she was before.

"HomesinHants helped me so much when I couldn't see a solution for a long term home. We now have a brilliant and exciting future ahead of us." said Angela. "Registering with HomesinHants was definitely the best move I could have made, we are so happy here, everything has worked out for the best."