Help to Buy South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

"The process up to our move in date was very swift"

When Yvonne and Nick Coonan's employment situation changed, they began looking at affordable housing options for themselves and their 7 year old daughter, Amanda.

"Due to my husband's company liquidating, we had to sell our family home in Liphook when we were unable to pay off debts via our incomes. We contacted our Local Authority who secured us a private rented property in Petersfield for the short term." explained Yvonne.

East Hants District Council recommended the Shared Ownership scheme and that they should register with the local Help to Buy agent for Hampshire and Isle of Wight, HomesinHants. Through the HomesinHants website, the couple were able to search through the wide range of affordable properties available.

"Whilst searching HomesinHants, we came across Windmill View, a development in Clanfield, where Radian was offering two and three bedroom houses on a Shared Ownership basis." said Nick. "It was the best affordable housing option in the area, and close enough to Liphook school for our daughter, and Yvonne's work in Haslemere." he added.

Shared Ownership enables purchasers to buy a share in a home, paying a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. With mortgage deposits based on the value of the share, buying your first home couldn't be more affordable and could even end up costing you less per month than renting a similar place privately.

The couple contacted Radian and expressed their interest. Ideal for the family, and in a perfect location, they registered their interest in a 2 bed house and were pleased when they were offered the home.

"We now have an amazing 2 bed house, it has a great layout and exceptional finish to all areas." said Yvonne. "We were very surprised by the amount of storage space the property has, we are very happy here." she added.

Within just over 1 month of viewing their property on HomesinHants, Yvonne and Nick completed on their home. Purchasing 35% share in the £175,000 property, monthly mortgage and rental payments combined are an affordable £825 per month.

"Once we were offered the property, the process up to our move in date was very swift. Radian have been very professional and when we had a few teething problems, the customer service was spot on" said Yvonne.