Help to Buy South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

"We were so lucky to have been offered this "leg up" to continue growing as a family; thank you."

When Michael and Victoria Powell, and their three young children, started to quickly outgrow their two bedroom home in Bordon, the couple knew that they would need to move up the property ladder to a larger home for the family.

Searching the internet for three bedroom properties, the current home owners came across information about Shared Ownership on the Radian Homes website. Researching into the scheme, they learnt that home owners are not the highest priority for the scheme, but there was still a chance of being offered a home if their existing property is no longer suitable. As they couldn't afford to buy a larger home without assistance, they thought this would be a good option for them to explore.

Shared Ownership enables purchasers to buy a share in a home, paying a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. With mortgage deposits based on the value of the share, buying your first home couldn't be more affordable and could even end up costing you less per month than renting a similar place privately.

"We came across a number of properties on the Radian website,, that we really liked." said Victoria. "We registered our interest in a 3 bedroom house in Lindford, available as a Shared Ownership resale. When we were told by the resales team that the period of time in which applicants had to be prioritised had passed without anyone confirming their interest in the home, we were delighted when we had the chance to view the house." she added. "Michael viewed the house initially, we were really pleased when we were offered the property" she added.

As existing home owners, the Powell's needed to have an offer in place on their existing home before being offered the new home in Lindford. Luck was on their side, and the timing of this happening couldn't have been more perfect for them. Subsequent to their financial assessments and the legal processes of purchasing a home, Michael and Victoria were proud home owners of an ideal three bed house, with garden and parking.

"All of the rooms are much bigger in size than we initially expected. We have three generous bedrooms and a lovely large living / dining room area. Our garden is all we need and it's great having two off road car parking spaces." said Michael. "We live on a lovely new estate and really pleased with our new home."

Purchasing a 40% share in the £215,000 home, the couple pay approximately £500 per month in mortgage payments and £385 in rent and service charges, providing an affordable solution to live comfortably in their bigger home.

"We needed a larger property and wanted to stay in the area for the children's education and great local community" said Victoria. "We really could not see how we were able to continue climbing the property ladder after having two more children in a two bed house. We were so lucky to have been offered this "leg up" to continue growing as a family; thank you."