Help to Buy South has helped hundreds of people to purchase or rent their new home.  Here are just a few of the success stories:

"Finding and registering my interest in properties was easy and straightforward"

Living on her own, Margit Demiriz from Bracknell, was privately renting a room and trying hard to save enough money to buy a property of her own. Eager to take a step on the property ladder, but aware of the large deposits required, Margit decided to look into Shared Ownership after learning that she could buy a property of her own, with as little as a 5% mortgage deposit.

"I'd heard about Shared Ownership a couple of years ago but didn't think too much of it at the time" said Margit. "I was finding it hard to save up the large amount of money needed to buy on the open market, so I decided to look into my options and when I looked into the scheme again recently, I knew that it would be the best route to take."

Shared Ownership enables purchasers to buy a share in a home, paying a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. With mortgage deposits based on the value of the share, buying your first home couldn't be more affordable and could even end up costing you less per month than renting a similar place privately.

Margit registered with Help to Buy South, the Help to Buy agent for her area. By registering, she had access to hundreds of properties available for Shared Ownership in her areas of interest, where she could view photographs, floorplans and further details of the properties. The website was also full of information on the scheme, helping Margit feel more familiar about the process.

Margit said "Finding and registering my interest in properties was easy and straightforward. I was really pleased when I heard that I had been prioritised for one of my choices, a two bed resale apartment in Bracknell through Radian." she added "I simply arranged to view the home with the existing shared owners and contacted Radian."

Besides brand new homes, you will often see second or third-hand homes advertised for sale on the same basis, these are known as Shared Ownership Resales. This is where an existing Shared Owner may decide to sell their home and move on. With this scheme, you will only be able to buy the same sized share or greater than the current owner which may be higher than minimum shares on offer with new build properties.

Margit purchased a 30% share of the £170,000 property. Monthly costs are just £650 per month in mortgage, rent and service charges combined, providing Margit with an affordable home she can call her own.

"I have a two bed top floor apartment - I love it!" said Margit. "I've enjoyed decorating my home, being able to make it comfy and cosy. I also really impressed with the heating system, and the quality and finish of the building. The communal areas are very clean and the location is perfect for everyday commuting to work as I can use the lovely cycle path that leads directly to my office."

Enjoying her new home, Margit is pleased she decided to register for the scheme.

"I was so pleased with the team at Radian, they were very professional and helpful throughout the whole process, and I would recommend the scheme to anyone wanting to buy."